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Fake Agent Alicia and Linden

Fake Agent11

Alicia and Linden are Lesbians. They are posing nude on a white softy sofa. Both are resting their hands on a white pillow. Alicia and Linden are showing their beautiful breasts. Their pussies are neatly shaved and clean. Their underarms are neatly shaved and clean. Their nipples are brown and breasts are cup shaped. Alicia’s breasts are average compared to Linden’s breasts. Both are covering their pussies with their hands. They are masturbating with their hands. Alicia and Linden are looking at each other, smiling, and they are about to kiss. Backgground is white. A standing lamp is at the corner of the wall behind the sofa.

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Fake Agent Anette and Adrienne

Fake Agent10

Anette and Adrienne are Lesbians. Both are sitting on a white softy bed inside a closed room. Anette is wearing a black bra and Adrienne is wearing a white printed bra in black strips. Adrienne is wearing a silver jewelry on her neck. The jewelry is hanging long and touching her cleavage. Adrienne has a beautiful thick black mole. Mole is below the lower lip to the left. Anette and Adrienne are smiling and listening.  Anette has pink spots on her body, one below her right bra and other spots on the top of the left bra. Their bra’s are not removed. There is a closed window in the background.

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Fake Agent Bonny and Agnes

Fake Agent9

Bonny and Agnes are Lesbians. They shed their clothes and posing nude. They are lying on a white softy couch. Both are smiling. Bonny has huge breasts when compared to Agnes. Their breasts are beautiful and nipples are brown. Bonny’s navel is pierced. Bonny has grown long nails on her hands and they are neatly shaped with colored nailpolish. Their pussies are beautiful and welcoming. Both of their pussies are neatly shaved and clean. Bonny is gently showing her pussy with both of her hands. Agnes has widely opened her pussy with both of her hands. The background is white.

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Fake Agent Miyuki

Fake Agent8

Miyuki is a Sexy Blonde. She is totally nude and lying on a black and velvet carpet on the floor. Her eyes are looking up. She has wonderful and beautiful breasts. Her nipples are brown. Her navel is pierced. Miyuki has a neatly shaved and clean pussy. Her thighs are beautiful and sensitive. Miyuki’s hands are rested on the carpet. Her left hand’s nails are neatly cut and pink nail polish is applied. She is wearing silver jewelry on hear ears. Miyuki’s lower lip is pierced on the left side corner. Tasty pastries of small size are arranged one below the other from cleavage to pussy level. There is a tattoo on the top of pussy.

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Fake Agent Camila and Marina

Fake Agent7

Camila and Marina are Lesbians. They are lying on a white softy bed inside a closed room. Camila is wearing a small silver jewelry on her neck. She is also wearing a pair of designer wear ear rings. Camila has rosy lips. Camila has huge breasts and her nipples are small. The area surrounding her nipples is huge. Marina has average breasts and her nipples are beautiful. Marina is lying on the bed whereas Camila is posing by bending her knees. Marina’s navel is pierced. Marina is touching her arms with both hands. Camila is smiling. Marina is talking. Their eyes are beautiful and seducing. The background is white.

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Fake Agent Angela

Fake Agent6

Angela is a sexy model. She has a silky long brown hair. Her eyes are beautiful. Angela has rosy lips. She is standing in front of a couch. Angela is smiling. She is wearing a white printed top. Inside, she is wearing a pink bra. The left bra strip is popping out. Her left hand is on her left waist and her right hand is on her right thigh. Angela’s top is funky. A funny statement is written on the top that says “If you’re my favority”. There is a switch board to operate the power. A photo poster is wall mounted which resembles nature. The background is not dark.

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Fake Agent Olga and Kate

Fake Agent5

Olga and Kate are Lesbians. They are beautiful. Both are sitting on a dark brown linen couch. Olga’s hair is brown whereas Kate has light brown hair. Olga and Kate are posing nude. Their posture is with crossed legs. Both the hands are clubbed and holding the knees. Olga and Kate pierced their beautiful navels. Olga’s breasts are average when compared to Kate’s breasts. The surrounding area of Olga’s breasts is more than Kate’s. Olga has got small sized nipples. Kate’s nipples are beautiful and tempted. Olga is wearing a ring on her left hand ring finger. Olga is slightly biting her lower lip with teeth. Their eyes are beautiful.

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Fake Agent Lisa

Fake Agent4

Lisa has an amazing body. She is standing and posing half naked. She is not wearing a bra. She has a wonderful navel. Lisa’s breasts are beautiful. She is wearing a ring on her left hand to her ring finger. Lisa is wearing blue jeans short. She is opening the buttons of the short. Lisa’s eyes are beautiful. She has a perfect waist. Lisa’s hand nails are neatly cut and shaped. She has pink nail polish to her nails. A wall clock showing 2.24 is wall mounted at the background. A switch board is at the background to control the power.

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Fake Agent Diana

Fake Agent3

Diana is showing her beautiful breasts. She is posing semi nude inside a closed room. Her arms are neat. Diana is a blonde. Her nipples are brown. She is standing in front of a wall. There is a white couch behind her. Diana’s hands are touching her bottom. She is smiling with her teeth open. Diana’s has a light brownish hair. Diana has pink lips. She has beautiful eyes. She has got good body. There is a hanger stand on her right behind. A hanger is holding her black jacket. Diana’s body is well built. The background is painted in sky blue.

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Fake Agent Sarah

Fake Agent2

Sarah is a teenage model. She has a long silky black hair. Sarah is sitting on a couch. The couch is soft and in green. She is inside a closed room. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans bottom. She was wearing a yellow top. Her clothes are shed already. Sarah’s eyes are beautiful and she is looking innocent. She is posing nude. Sarah is wearing a pair of ear tops. She has little breasts and her right nipple is visible. The nipples are brownish. Her ass is completely on the couch. Sarah’s legs are touching the floor. The background is white.

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